le panier à croissants

panier à croissants (1)   Toujours dans l’ambiance campagne, voici un panier à croissants qui embellira votre table au petit déjeuner!

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Exhibition sale Lunel November 14, 2013

On November 14, 2013 I set some of my creations for mayor E Lunel, I will receive you with pleasure.

Exposition le 14 novembre 2013

Affiche de l’exposition

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Table lucky goose Sidonie


Portait de l’oie Sidonie

Table showcase dimension 31 cm x 41 cm goose Sidonie, made ​​from a cotton fabric beautiful quality embroidered by hand. It will do wonders in your dining room or living room and why not in your kitchen? but it will also be out of place in a child’s room. Real ears of corn and olive branch bringing happiness in the house

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plush hand towels

An original idea, the hand towel terry cloth of very fine quality, descratchable, easy maintenance. Fun for children who take pleasure in washing hands. An original decorative element to your bathroom or your kitchen.

atelier des poupées

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The small world of the doll Bécassine

Poupée bécassine

La poupée bécassine

La poupée bécassine

For fans of our childhood, here comes Becassine brighten your home. It will soon be joined by smaller models and accessories used to enhance your decor., Giving you the feeling to return to this beautiful time. To order this item simply click contact to leave me your contact information. You can give me your requests and I will be happy to answer them as quickly as possible.

atelier des poupées

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The goose Sidonie

Sidonie joins his friends on the farm! it will please young and old alike! Put your furniture in the kitchen it will give a rustic touch, or give the effect of spring in your dining room. But as playmate or to help baby fall asleep, it will be ideal. It can be made in a color of your choice on demand by clicking on contact to leave me your custom command.

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The house is air campaign

When farm animals bring a rustic air in the house, a warm spring, good mood back! What you will find here to revive your interior. From the kitchen to the dining room through the children’s room, a small note to complement your campaign daily. Here are some decorative objects made carefully in lovely fabrics. You can order in a color of your choice to match your interior, the delivery time is a little longer time to carry out the work! For precise control you need to click on contactto specify the color and the item of your choice, then I will contact you to let you know the date of dispatch.

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Sarah Doll Gothic romantic

I’m Sarah, I’m a doll pajamas or underwear ranks Gothic romantic unique, numbered and signed, fully deshabillable for easy maintenance. I can be exposed on your bed which will give a nice feminine touch to your room. I can also be installed to an enhancement in your living room to bring a style of decoration. I came with my certificate of authenticity.

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Chloé fashion hippie …

My name is Chloe I bring you the time for nostalgic hippies. I am a doll made entirely by hand, my face is embroidered. My dress is cotton liberty. You expose me to your bed or on your furniture from the bedroom to living room through the dining room, I will bring a note of years. I await you.

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Carla from Gothic to Romantic

poupee carla

Poupée carla

My name is Carla, I adopted the Gothic romance. I will allow you to store your underwear or your pajamas discreetly. I do wonder on your bed! But you can expose myself to look because I can also delight the eyes in the room where the dining room. Thanks to the excellent quality of my clothes, you do not hesitate to hand wash because my dress is closed with pretty little black buttons, very easy to remove. I do not expect a family to welcome me.

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